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Tergo Travels, Bhutan

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Kuzo Zangpola ! Thank you for visiting Tergo Travels.

Tergo Travels is inspired by local legend of Pema Lingpa.Ter” means hidden treasures and “go” means door. Bhutanese legends have many stories about the “ters” or the hidden treasures. The great treasure revealer or the “terton” Pema Lingpa, found many of these scared treasures. It is from these legends that Tergo Travels took inspiration from and offers you to discover the scared treasures of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a dream destination of many travelers who want to get an experience of the country’s rich culture, tradition and of pristine environment. Tours can range from adventurous to luxurious to religious. Our wide range of itineraries will give an overview of what we offer. We believe in listening to our clients and being flexible to come up with customized tours. The goal of the customized tours will enable us to fulfill our client’s desires so that they leave Bhutan happy and contented.

We believe in quality and we ensure quality by keeping our group small so that we can provide individual attention to each one of our clients. Hence, the ideal number is 8-10 people per group.

Tergo Travels will assist you with planning and organizing your dream holiday. So come and discover the hidden treasures of Bhutan through Tergo Travels.