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Tergo Travels do not have international agents nor attends any marketing fairs globally.

Our marketing strategy is word of mouth from our clients and their reviews.

Tergo saw many Baby Tours in 2016 and the youngest one was 10 months old. We have noticed that our young clients are really strong and they do not have any problems and they enjoy Bhutan. We hope they come back to visit us when they are older. In fact, a couple from the US came back with their second child.They had come earlier when their first child was barely 12 months old.

We also have solo woman travellers who come and they are so happy to know that Bhutan is so safe for travelling alone and they are well looked after.

A couple who wanted to spend time in a farm house and help farmers with agriculture were welcomed in a farmer’s house. They worked along with the farmers and went back happy.

We also had two families coming together as a group with kids totaling to 5. And they were happy.

Tergo Travels have been fortunate to be of service to such amazing clients and we hope to be of service to similar kinds of clients for 2017 also.

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I wanted to write to yourself, my guide Tashi, and to Tergo Travels to say thank you for providing me with an adventure that has changed my life.

As a photographer, I was chasing a holiday that was a little off the beaten track, an adventure that was a different experience to your standard tourist itinerary and you provided that beyond expectation.

I played football with young monks and sponsored a monk so he could continue his studies, I visited families homes and ate with locals, I experienced Thimphu’s nightlife, made great friends and saw amazing sights and achieved physical goals I didn’t think possible. I am leaving Bhutan with a love and greater understanding of Buddhism and a burning desire to return as soon as possible.

This couldn’t have been possible without the dedication and passion of your team. Thank you Tergo Travels for helping me to rediscover my passion for the unknown. It will not be forgotten.

Thank you Tashi for the delicious wines. I will give a couple of gifts to Tashi to pass onto you. One is a book from John and Melinda, and the other is to say thank you for your help. It really has been a great adventure.

I also wanted to say thank you for providing me with the opportunity to refer clients to you. It will allow me to return to Bhutan sooner and I am so grateful. Lastly, Tashi has been an amazing guide. He tailored my itinerary to perfectly suit my needs and I now think of him as a friend rather than a guide. Tenzin has been a great and valued addition to the team as well, going above and beyond to carry my camera equipment to photo shoots. He is a great driver and I trust him completely.

Sarah Keayes from Australia

We are now back in Australia, after a most enjoyable trip to your country. The success was in a large part due
to the excellent guiding of Sonam, who we found to be most pleasant, knowledgeable and well organized. We
also commend the driver Tensing. My wife is always a nervous passenger, however Tensing’s careful driving
and cheerful manner assuaged her fears.
Our trip was altogether most successful. Our thanks go to you all.

Julian and Mary Anne Weston

I wanted to write a review of our recent experience with Tergo Travels.  We arrived in Bhutan excited and
anxious; ‘we’ being my husband and I, and our two daughters Ella (4.5 yrs.) and Olivia (2.5 yrs.).  My husband,

Jamie, did all of the planning, Bhutan having been a desired destination for many years.  He found that not only

was Tergo the only tour company that actively marketed towards travelers with children, but that Tergo was

exceptionally responsive and easy to work with.  Our girls had only travelled between the Middle East and the

US; how they would adapt was our main concern.   Would they freak out?  Would they fall off a mountain?

Would they eat?

From the moment we landed, our guide Tashi and driver Tenzin became extended family.  Ella and Olivia were

smitten, sensing their kindness the way kids do.  Many other reviewers wrote of their itineraries, the marvelous

locations and stunning scenery.  Bhutan is amazing, but what made our trip truly memorable was the care

provided by Tashi and Tenzin.

The girls had a wonderful holiday, and I was completely at ease knowing there were two other pairs of eyes

watching out for them (I was really concerned about them falling off some place steep).  Tashi engaged the

girls, showed them things and told them stories, he quickly understood Olivia’s weird food preferences and

ensured that the bland, beige food desirable to a toddler was available at every meal.

A visit to Taktsang Palphug Monastery was only possible because both Tashi and Tenzin came along,

ensuring that Ella didn’t get too close to the edge or bumped by a horse, and to carry Olivia.  He was so sweet

to carry Olivia for so long on our hike, even when she was screaming in his ear for a short while.  They helped

strap her to my back, and then Tenzin ensured that I didn’t slip.  He held my had for the last 45 minutes of our

descent!  Tenzin is an excellent driver, and I am in awe at his focus and skill while driving on the road between

Punakha and Thimphu (and a bit relieved that it’s over).

Often Tashi sat with us for a while at meals, chatting with the girls.  This gave Jamie and I a chance to actually

eat our food.  (The food, by the way, was great).  He planned a picnic and a trip to the beach to throw rocks into

the water because that’s what the girls love doing best.

I celebrated a birthday while in Bhutan, and when Jamie enquired about doing something to celebrate, he was

told it was already taken care of.  On our last full day, I was sweetly surprised with a chocolate cake!

Tashi and Tenzin have left our family with the most lovely impression of Bhutan, and a desire to return (once

the road is widened).  They were gracious, answered every question no matter how absurd (or asked over and

over by Ella), and we felt they genuinely cared for our kids.  We can’t thank you enough.

We would be happy to correspond with others considering Tergo Travels, please feel free to give out this email

address to those with questions.

James Martin and family, Canada for Tergo Baby Tour


Happy new year 2015 and thanks for organising such a wonderful itinerary for us


My family & I really enjoyed ourselves in Bhutan and this trip has widen our knowledge of the

mysterious Bhutan


Also thanks for the 2 wonderful tour guide (Sonam) and driver (Kinzang) who have been accommodating

to our many requests.

Jason Cheow and family, Singapore ( a couple with a 4 yr old boy and two elderly ladies)

Tergo Travels planned the absolute best holiday for us we’ve ever had! We’ve travelled all over the world – been to over 100+ countries – but nothing compares to our trip to Bhutan. Its an amazing country that offers an experience unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. This day and age when tourism is so globalized, Bhutan is one place you can go that is off-the-beaten-path and still get that true cultural emersion. And I would highly recommend Tergo above all other other agents, especially if you have kids!

I did a ton of research to see if it was safe to bring my 1 and 3 year old daughters to Bhutan. They’ve been all over the world, but I just wasn’t sure if the altitude and the fact that Bhutan is so adventurous, cultural and outdoorsy, that it would work for them. It did. It was a phenomenal trip. I emailed 10+ different agents and Tashi (the owner) of Tergo replied to me within hours – and was by far the most detailed of all of the agents. By the time others had replied, Tashi and I already had a dozen email exchanges. I wanted to book very highend hotels (i.e., Aman, COMO,etc) and she talked me into a good mix of hotels that my girls absolutely loved. Her recommendations were spot on.

The great thing about Tashi is that she is extremely responsive and very detailed – something you just don’t typically find when planning vacations in this part of the world. It really reduces the stress and puts you at ease when you know that you’re in good hands. Moreover, Tashi really understand families and kids! None of the other agents could help me with anything specific relative to my kids. Tashi however, not only anwered all of my questions about my kids, but took care of so many details I would have never even thought of!

When we arrived in Bhutan – we had two state-of-the-art car seats for our daughters and an extremely luxurious van - way better than what any of the other guides were piling their clients into! This was a HUGE plus for the rugged roads around Bhutan’s more rural destinations. As we drove through the rugged dirt and rock mountain roads, I felt sorry for all of the other tourist we passed – and they didn’t even have kids! Moreover, when we arrived at the hotel, after the guide and driver brought up our two suitcases, they returned with a crib, blankets, baby seat for dinner, and everything else you could think of that young kids might need that you would never have room to pack with you on a trip like this! Talk about exceeding expectations!

We weren’t sure what we could do with our little ones once we were there, but Tashi had it all planned out for us! And she gave us the best guide – also “Tashi” – here brother-in-law (note: Tashi is a very common name in Bhutan and the last name indicates male/female). Tashi (our guide) took us everywhere! We even took our daughters river rafting – and they had lifejackets that fit our daughters and knew the best stretch of river that was extremely safe but at the same time fun for our daughters! And by the time I started reading our guide book to figure out what would be good to visit in the particular cities we were in, I realized I was always reading everything in ‘past tense’ as Tashi was taking us everywhere and telling us everything before I had even read about it. And the best part was he was great with our kids! They loved him (and our daughters never like male strangers)!

If you’re planning a family vacation to Bhutan with kids – you HAVE to go with Tergo/Tashi – as I could not imagine going with any of the other guides/groups we saw. Moreover, if you just want a super well-planned, trustworthy, comfortable trip that takes you to do everything you want to do (and a lot more), then I would highly recommend Tergo Travels!

Tom Clayton


Bubbly, Inc.

Singapore & USA

We have very much enjoyed the 10 days we spent in your beautiful country and were perfectly happy with the service that you provided. Whereas we got a standardized reply from the other agencies we approached during the planning stage for our trip, you came back with a personalised responseand took care to incorporate our ideas into the itinerary.

Everything went very smooth, including our trip, and we greatly enjoyed the company of our guide Sangay and our driver Tenzin who did everything to accommodate our wishes. Travelling with two small children (4 and 6 years old) makes it necessary to be flexible, and we enjoyed going with the flow. The accommodation you arranged for us suited our needs as a family and we are grateful for the advice you gave on where to stay.

We’d like to thank you very much for the effort and care you put into organizing our trip. We would certainly recommend Tergotravels to anyone who is looking for a reliable agency to organize their trip to Bhutan.

Thank you, Tashi!

Best wishes,


We thank you and Tergo Travel for your effort in providing one of the most impressive, memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life. Of course I grew up in Western Queeensland where any hill over 100 metres high is called a mountain.

Both Suzy and I wish to report that we were very happy with the quality of the service, equipment and staff provided on the trek. Although we have no previous experience in Bhutan we have trekked in many parts of the world so that the following comments may be taken to have some significance.

Bitter experience has taught me to take great care with equipment. I was pleased to find that the gear provided by Tergo Travel was excellent. The tents, sleeping bags etc were of excellent design and were either new or well maintained and in good working order.

The staff however were even better. Thrinley the horseman worked efficiently in the background. We saw little of him and his delightful horses, mules, donkeys except in the mornings. Tsering the cook managed to constantly astound us with the excellence and variety of his cooking. It was like going to a restaurant for every meal. Suzys only complaint was that she was unable to loose any weight over the duration of the trek. However we were most impressed with Kencho. He clearly was the power that kept the camp going in such an efficient manner. His limitless energy, activity and willingness to help was quite remarkable.

We appreciate that you were let down by your original guide at the last minute and we count ourselves lucky that you could provide a back up at such short notice. Sonam was a very amiable companion for the duration of the trek and a source of much cultural information (so much so that we loaned him temporarily to another group on one occasion).

All this resulted in an extremely pleasurable experience. My only concern was a sense of guilt that I did so little to help around the camp. This is a problem for Australians who are not used to others serving them I think.

Finally thank you all once again. We did enjoy our trek in Bhutan very much.


Peter Furness


Tergo Baby Tours 2012

The guide really looked after us both and was fantastic with Isabelle (our 2 year old daughter). The high chair and the travel cot were very helpful and we particularly enjoyed the personal touch like the wedding, the school visit as well as the dinner at the Folk Heritage Museum. I think the mix of hiking and the visit to the Dzongs, etc, was the right balance. We particularly liked the hikes to the Kila Monastery as well as the nature walk in Phobjikha.

We think that the amount of driving during each day was good and were happy we did only around 3 hours driving during the day as it was good to stop in Punakha on the way back from Phobjikha. We

The flexibility on the daily itinerary was good and the guide did an excellent job of anticipating our  needs. The driver was also very good. Very safe and helpful.

All the hotels were of good quality. We really liked Gangtey Palace and Dragon’s Nest. Hotel Jumolhari has good rooms but the breakfast was not that good and the service not as good as the other hotels. We liked the food in general throughout the trip and it was good not to be always eating in the hotels.

The walks were made a lot easier by hiring locals to help carry our daughter. Tergo Travels looked after every detail and we felt genuinely care for our well being. My wife was four montsh preganat on the trip and Tergo Travels ensured that she felt  safe and looked after by ensuring that the food were freshly cooked and the drives are as smooth as possible.

Thanks again for a great holiday. We are very happy for you to provide our email to other clients if they are looking for references.


We have long wanted to visit Bhutan and it was our dream honeymoon destination but we almost gave up on the idea as we both thought going to Bhutan with kids is too crazy. Then we found Tergo Travels on the web and the review of the parents of little George who traveled to Bhutan before we did. Their review was so positive that we decided to to for it. We traveled to Bhutan for our honeymoon in October 2011 together with our 2 kids, 1 year old Sandra and 2 years old Marta. We had a wonderful experience. Everything written previously by George’s parents turned out to be perfectly true. Tergo Travels is a small family based agency and maybe therefore they are so carrying and special. We did not feel being in hand of a travel agent, much more we felt being accompanied by friends who took us to special places and people. Both our guide Tashi and driver Dawa were very helpful and cheerful all the time and kids loved them. Tashi and Dawa would bring the kids now and there just in right times, so we could finish our meals, get packed etc. Read more »

Testimonial for our Aussie clients

I have been coming to Bhutan a number of times over the last 15 years to undertake work for a variety of agencies including, UNESCO, UNDP, Asia Development Bank and more recently, doing voluntary work for the Royal University of Bhutan. Read more »

April 2010

When my husband first suggested that we travel to Bhutan with our toddler son, who would be 15 months old at the time, I thought he was crazy.   We’ve always been interested in visiting the kingdom, but I thought that 15 months was far too young for George to be in a country known for its scenic hikes and adventurous day-trips. There was no way our little boy would want to sit in a car seat as we traveled for several hours from one destination to the next, and he’d definitely not be content in our travel backpack as we saw the sights. How wrong I was!  Our week in Bhutan was excellent, and we owe our fond memories to Tergo Travels.  Read more »

December 2009

I have been struggling to identify precisely what it is that made our holiday to Bhutan so incredible. The key single differentiating “ingredient” is quite illusive when one tries to put one’s finger on it, but in the end I think if it has to be encapsulated in a single concept, it would be: Bhutan’s other-worldliness.

Read more »