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We have long wanted to visit Bhutan and it was our dream honeymoon destination but we almost gave up on the idea as we both thought going to Bhutan with kids is too crazy. Then we found Tergo Travels on the web and the review of the parents of little George who traveled to Bhutan before we did. Their review was so positive that we decided to to for it. We traveled to Bhutan for our honeymoon in October 2011 together with our 2 kids, 1 year old Sandra and 2 years old Marta. We had a wonderful experience. Everything written previously by George’s parents turned out to be perfectly true. Tergo Travels is a small family based agency and maybe therefore they are so carrying and special. We did not feel being in hand of a travel agent, much more we felt being accompanied by friends who took us to special places and people. Both our guide Tashi and driver Dawa were very helpful and cheerful all the time and kids loved them. Tashi and Dawa would bring the kids now and there just in right times, so we could finish our meals, get packed etc. They did everything to make traveling with kids easier. We were actually provided children’s car seats, even one portable baby cot and extra blankets. Bhutan itself is a very magic country. We enjoyed interacting with local people, learning about their lives and customs and we were amazed by the beauty of the nature sceneries. Tashies were very flexible about changing the itinerary according the weather, road conditions, our wishes and girls’ need nevertherless it should be mentioned that the hotels get booked out early in the season so it is worth planning your trip some time ahead so that you can stay desired time in places you want. We didn’t do the planning much ahead of time and at the end we spent more time in Timphu and less time in Pobjika valley, where we would have loved to stay longer. So plan your trip ahead. Also it shall be mentioned that the road conditions are not very good. Basicly the road between Timphu and Paro is a good asphalt road where you can probably pass in almost any weather conditions. But for the rest of the roads – they are bumpy and can temporarily be blocked by landlisdes. This ofcourse limits you in the terms of where you can travel with the kids. It was ok being on a bumpy road for 3 hours to get to Pobjika, but it would definitelly be out of question to travel to Eastern Bhutan by road and other interesting remote destinations. But although naturwise we were limited with the kids in terms how close to the Himlayas or how remote we could go, it still is worth a trip. The benefit of traveling with the kids in Bhutan is that everybody loves them and so they love it too. For us at the end Bhutan was not that much about the mountains as we thought it would be but more about the people and culture. We are very happy we decided to go on this journey as a whole family and we are very grateful to Tashi Dolma, who carefully prepared the itinerary and communicated very well with us via email before we arrived, to Tschering, her husband and a very interesting educated man we were happy to dine and chat with and at last but not least to our guide Tashi and driver Dawa who accompanied us the whole journey and were a lot of help beyond their duities.


Marcela (Czech Republic) & Jose (Spain) and our daughters Marta and Sandra

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