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Tergo Travels planned the absolute best holiday for us we’ve ever had! We’ve travelled all over the world – been to over 100+ countries – but nothing compares to our trip to Bhutan. Its an amazing country that offers an experience unparalleled to anywhere else in the world. This day and age when tourism is so globalized, Bhutan is one place you can go that is off-the-beaten-path and still get that true cultural emersion. And I would highly recommend Tergo above all other other agents, especially if you have kids!

I did a ton of research to see if it was safe to bring my 1 and 3 year old daughters to Bhutan. They’ve been all over the world, but I just wasn’t sure if the altitude and the fact that Bhutan is so adventurous, cultural and outdoorsy, that it would work for them. It did. It was a phenomenal trip. I emailed 10+ different agents and Tashi (the owner) of Tergo replied to me within hours – and was by far the most detailed of all of the agents. By the time others had replied, Tashi and I already had a dozen email exchanges. I wanted to book very highend hotels (i.e., Aman, COMO,etc) and she talked me into a good mix of hotels that my girls absolutely loved. Her recommendations were spot on.

The great thing about Tashi is that she is extremely responsive and very detailed – something you just don’t typically find when planning vacations in this part of the world. It really reduces the stress and puts you at ease when you know that you’re in good hands. Moreover, Tashi really understand families and kids! None of the other agents could help me with anything specific relative to my kids. Tashi however, not only anwered all of my questions about my kids, but took care of so many details I would have never even thought of!

When we arrived in Bhutan – we had two state-of-the-art car seats for our daughters and an extremely luxurious van - way better than what any of the other guides were piling their clients into! This was a HUGE plus for the rugged roads around Bhutan’s more rural destinations. As we drove through the rugged dirt and rock mountain roads, I felt sorry for all of the other tourist we passed – and they didn’t even have kids! Moreover, when we arrived at the hotel, after the guide and driver brought up our two suitcases, they returned with a crib, blankets, baby seat for dinner, and everything else you could think of that young kids might need that you would never have room to pack with you on a trip like this! Talk about exceeding expectations!

We weren’t sure what we could do with our little ones once we were there, but Tashi had it all planned out for us! And she gave us the best guide – also “Tashi” – here brother-in-law (note: Tashi is a very common name in Bhutan and the last name indicates male/female). Tashi (our guide) took us everywhere! We even took our daughters river rafting – and they had lifejackets that fit our daughters and knew the best stretch of river that was extremely safe but at the same time fun for our daughters! And by the time I started reading our guide book to figure out what would be good to visit in the particular cities we were in, I realized I was always reading everything in ‘past tense’ as Tashi was taking us everywhere and telling us everything before I had even read about it. And the best part was he was great with our kids! They loved him (and our daughters never like male strangers)!

If you’re planning a family vacation to Bhutan with kids – you HAVE to go with Tergo/Tashi – as I could not imagine going with any of the other guides/groups we saw. Moreover, if you just want a super well-planned, trustworthy, comfortable trip that takes you to do everything you want to do (and a lot more), then I would highly recommend Tergo Travels!

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