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We thank you and Tergo Travel for your effort in providing one of the most impressive, memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life. Of course I grew up in Western Queeensland where any hill over 100 metres high is called a mountain.

Both Suzy and I wish to report that we were very happy with the quality of the service, equipment and staff provided on the trek. Although we have no previous experience in Bhutan we have trekked in many parts of the world so that the following comments may be taken to have some significance.

Bitter experience has taught me to take great care with equipment. I was pleased to find that the gear provided by Tergo Travel was excellent. The tents, sleeping bags etc were of excellent design and were either new or well maintained and in good working order.

The staff however were even better. Thrinley the horseman worked efficiently in the background. We saw little of him and his delightful horses, mules, donkeys except in the mornings. Tsering the cook managed to constantly astound us with the excellence and variety of his cooking. It was like going to a restaurant for every meal. Suzys only complaint was that she was unable to loose any weight over the duration of the trek. However we were most impressed with Kencho. He clearly was the power that kept the camp going in such an efficient manner. His limitless energy, activity and willingness to help was quite remarkable.

We appreciate that you were let down by your original guide at the last minute and we count ourselves lucky that you could provide a back up at such short notice. Sonam was a very amiable companion for the duration of the trek and a source of much cultural information (so much so that we loaned him temporarily to another group on one occasion).

All this resulted in an extremely pleasurable experience. My only concern was a sense of guilt that I did so little to help around the camp. This is a problem for Australians who are not used to others serving them I think.

Finally thank you all once again. We did enjoy our trek in Bhutan very much.


Peter Furness


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