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Tergo Travels do not have international agents nor attends any marketing fairs globally.

Our marketing strategy is word of mouth from our clients and their reviews.

Tergo saw many Baby Tours in 2016 and the youngest one was 10 months old. We have noticed that our young clients are really strong and they do not have any problems and they enjoy Bhutan. We hope they come back to visit us when they are older. In fact, a couple from the US came back with their second child.They had come earlier when their first child was barely 12 months old.

We also have solo woman travellers who come and they are so happy to know that Bhutan is so safe for travelling alone and they are well looked after.

A couple who wanted to spend time in a farm house and help farmers with agriculture were welcomed in a farmer’s house. They worked along with the farmers and went back happy.

We also had two families coming together as a group with kids totaling to 5. And they were happy.

Tergo Travels have been fortunate to be of service to such amazing clients and we hope to be of service to similar kinds of clients for 2017 also.

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