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I wanted to write to yourself, my guide Tashi, and to Tergo Travels to say thank you for providing me with an adventure that has changed my life.

As a photographer, I was chasing a holiday that was a little off the beaten track, an adventure that was a different experience to your standard tourist itinerary and you provided that beyond expectation.

I played football with young monks and sponsored a monk so he could continue his studies, I visited families homes and ate with locals, I experienced Thimphu’s nightlife, made great friends and saw amazing sights and achieved physical goals I didn’t think possible. I am leaving Bhutan with a love and greater understanding of Buddhism and a burning desire to return as soon as possible.

This couldn’t have been possible without the dedication and passion of your team. Thank you Tergo Travels for helping me to rediscover my passion for the unknown. It will not be forgotten.

Thank you Tashi for the delicious wines. I will give a couple of gifts to Tashi to pass onto you. One is a book from John and Melinda, and the other is to say thank you for your help. It really has been a great adventure.

I also wanted to say thank you for providing me with the opportunity to refer clients to you. It will allow me to return to Bhutan sooner and I am so grateful. Lastly, Tashi has been an amazing guide. He tailored my itinerary to perfectly suit my needs and I now think of him as a friend rather than a guide. Tenzin has been a great and valued addition to the team as well, going above and beyond to carry my camera equipment to photo shoots. He is a great driver and I trust him completely.

Sarah Keayes from Australia

We are now back in Australia, after a most enjoyable trip to your country. The success was in a large part due
to the excellent guiding of Sonam, who we found to be most pleasant, knowledgeable and well organized. We
also commend the driver Tensing. My wife is always a nervous passenger, however Tensing’s careful driving
and cheerful manner assuaged her fears.
Our trip was altogether most successful. Our thanks go to you all.

Julian and Mary Anne Weston

I wanted to write a review of our recent experience with Tergo Travels.  We arrived in Bhutan excited and
anxious; ‘we’ being my husband and I, and our two daughters Ella (4.5 yrs.) and Olivia (2.5 yrs.).  My husband,

Jamie, did all of the planning, Bhutan having been a desired destination for many years.  He found that not only

was Tergo the only tour company that actively marketed towards travelers with children, but that Tergo was

exceptionally responsive and easy to work with.  Our girls had only travelled between the Middle East and the

US; how they would adapt was our main concern.   Would they freak out?  Would they fall off a mountain?

Would they eat?

From the moment we landed, our guide Tashi and driver Tenzin became extended family.  Ella and Olivia were

smitten, sensing their kindness the way kids do.  Many other reviewers wrote of their itineraries, the marvelous

locations and stunning scenery.  Bhutan is amazing, but what made our trip truly memorable was the care

provided by Tashi and Tenzin.

The girls had a wonderful holiday, and I was completely at ease knowing there were two other pairs of eyes

watching out for them (I was really concerned about them falling off some place steep).  Tashi engaged the

girls, showed them things and told them stories, he quickly understood Olivia’s weird food preferences and

ensured that the bland, beige food desirable to a toddler was available at every meal.

A visit to Taktsang Palphug Monastery was only possible because both Tashi and Tenzin came along,

ensuring that Ella didn’t get too close to the edge or bumped by a horse, and to carry Olivia.  He was so sweet

to carry Olivia for so long on our hike, even when she was screaming in his ear for a short while.  They helped

strap her to my back, and then Tenzin ensured that I didn’t slip.  He held my had for the last 45 minutes of our

descent!  Tenzin is an excellent driver, and I am in awe at his focus and skill while driving on the road between

Punakha and Thimphu (and a bit relieved that it’s over).

Often Tashi sat with us for a while at meals, chatting with the girls.  This gave Jamie and I a chance to actually

eat our food.  (The food, by the way, was great).  He planned a picnic and a trip to the beach to throw rocks into

the water because that’s what the girls love doing best.

I celebrated a birthday while in Bhutan, and when Jamie enquired about doing something to celebrate, he was

told it was already taken care of.  On our last full day, I was sweetly surprised with a chocolate cake!

Tashi and Tenzin have left our family with the most lovely impression of Bhutan, and a desire to return (once

the road is widened).  They were gracious, answered every question no matter how absurd (or asked over and

over by Ella), and we felt they genuinely cared for our kids.  We can’t thank you enough.

We would be happy to correspond with others considering Tergo Travels, please feel free to give out this email

address to those with questions.

James Martin and family, Canada for Tergo Baby Tour


Happy new year 2015 and thanks for organising such a wonderful itinerary for us


My family & I really enjoyed ourselves in Bhutan and this trip has widen our knowledge of the

mysterious Bhutan


Also thanks for the 2 wonderful tour guide (Sonam) and driver (Kinzang) who have been accommodating

to our many requests.

Jason Cheow and family, Singapore ( a couple with a 4 yr old boy and two elderly ladies)

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